Tailoring with Technology

Bernhardt and The Measure Agency has a fresh approach to tailoring, we believe that the customer should have control over the way that his garments are produced and the look that is created. Using the very latest computer aided technology, we offer total freedom to create a style that is unique to the individual retailer.

Starting with a basic block, the look is achieved by applying a number of different codes that manipulates the computers pattern making it possible to achieve all the features required, such as narrower lapels, smaller armholes or a longer vent.

Made to Measure should be special and is all about choice, both in fabric and style features. We offer both in house fabrics and partnerships with all the leading cloth suppliers. In addition, styling features usually only found on bespoke garments such as padded lapels, working cuffs and real horn buttons coupled with a comprehensive selection of sleeve and body linings.

Every garment is individually cut and sewn with great accuracy. Starting with the simple online ordering system, the retailer is in total control creating the entire order in a matter of minutes. Once entered, the order is permanently stored in the computer’s memory and can be retrieved and used again in the future.