Our shirt collection gives you the same freedom of expression that you enjoy with our tailored garments.

Every shirt is crafted to your design – you choose the silhouette, fit, the collar and cuffs, whether to have a pocket, the collar strength and with or without bones and the option to have your company name monogrammed in the neck of the shirt or alternatively your label sewn in.

In addition, a range of contrasts can be included from collar and cuff fabric contrasts to stitching thread contrasting of the button holes, button sewing and shirt stitching.

There are also several button options from 20 classic coloured variations, 14 fashion buttons of interesting shape and tonal colour and 6 mother of pearl buttons in different sizes and thickness.

We offer 150 fine cotton fabrics from which to tailor a formal shirt or short sleeved sport shirt with seasonal collections on offer for limited periods of the year.
The optional handkerchief and presentation box add to the overall shirt package.